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Your everyday wines, the ones you enjoy when you drink a glass of wine while you take a break or when you make a party with your Friends. Our traditional line offers various experiences and balanced flavors.


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Even for your most crazy ideas, there is a Frontera.
Think about what you want to do now and find here your ideal wine

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Even for your most crazy ideas, there is a Frontera.
Think about what you want to do now and find here your ideal wine

Such a pretty view, right? 😍 it´s imposible not to look a Frontera #CabernetSauvignon when it´s right in front of us✨.

Qué bonita vista verdad? 😍 , es que cuando un #CabernetSauvignon se cruza en frente imposible no mirarlo ✨. #FronteraWines

Wine and music are a really great present for Father’s Day. Choose your favorite combo and have a special moment with your father, his favorite Frontera and a special song 🍷🎵.

Compartir un vino y una canción es un buen regalo para este Día del Padre. Elige tu combinación favorita y pasa un momento especial padre e hijo/a con un soundtrack especial y su Frontera favorito 🍷🎵

Today is #Sushi day and we're celebrating by pairing ours up with a glass of #SauvignonBlanc. Did you know that the Japanese recommendation is to not dip the rice in the soy sauce? We're supposed to dip in the fish so the rice doesn't come apart or get soggy and ruin the flavor 😲.

Hoy es el día del #Sushi y lo celebramos maridando con una copa de #SauvignonBlanc y un dato interesante, ¿sabían que los japoneses sugieren no mojar el arroz del sushi en la soya? Debe mojarse el pescado y de esa forma el arroz no se deshace ni absorbe demasiada soya para estropear el sabor 😲. #FronteraWines

Life and wine are always enjoyed twice as much when paired with delicious food. Don't these #Falafel look amazing? Are you a fan of Middle Eastern food? #FronteraWines #PinotGrigio

La vida y el vino siempre se disfrutan el doble si se maridan con comida deliciosa. ¿Qué me dicen de estos #Falafel? ¿Les gusta la comida árabe? #FronteraWines #PinotGrigio

Did you know that a typical Chilean cocktail is the "Borgoña"? Similar to punch, it includes strawberries, red wine, and sugar. Here is the recipe!⁣

700 ml. Frontier Cabernet Sauvignon⁣
500 gr. of ripe strawberries⁣
80 gr. sugar or to taste⁣

Cut the strawberries into pieces and let them macerate in a bowl along with the sugar for at least half an hour. Then, add them to a jar with the wine and stir until the sugar dissolves. When it's ready, just leave it in the fridge or serve it cold right away.⁣

Tell us if you try it!⁣


¿Sabías que en Chile un cocktail típico es el"Borgoña"? Un tipo de ponche con frutillas, vino tinto y azúcar. ¡Aquí va la receta!⁣

700 ml. de Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon⁣
500 grs. de frutillas maduras⁣
80 grs. de azúcar o a gusto⁣

Corta las frutillas en trozos y deja macerar en una fuente junto con el azúcar durante al menos media hora, luego agrega en una jarra con el vino y revolver hasta que el azúcar se disuelva, finalmente solo deja refrigera o sirve frío en el momento.⁣

¡Cuéntanos si lo intentas!

My favorite corner of the house 🎵 🍷 . Do you have a record player at home? Tell us what your favorite vinyl is to pair with a Frontera #CabernetSauvignon. #FronteraWines #Music

Mi rincón favorito de la casa 🎵 🍷 . ¿Tienes un tocadiscos en casa? Cuéntanos cuál es tu vinilo favorito para combinar con un Frontera #CabernetSauvignon. #FronteraWines #Music