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Fresh, sweets or bubbling, for all tastes there is a special cocktail waiting. Which one will you enjoy today?

A Scot in the Andes



  • 1 full bottle of Merlot, Malbec or Pinot Noir

  • 6 oz. cucumber gin

  • 4 oz. simple syrup

  • 4 oz. lime juice

  • 32 raspberries

  • 4 mandarin oranges

  • 16 mint leaves cut in small chunks

  • Cucumber, in slices, for decoration.


  • - Mix and mash the syrup, limejuice, raspberries, mandarin oranges and mint in a big jar.

  • - Add red wine and cucumber gin. Cool for 1 hour

  • - Serve with ice and decorate with cucumber slices and fresh mint.