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Your everyday wines, the ones you enjoy when you drink a glass of wine while you take a break or when you make a party with your Friends. Our traditional line offers various experiences and balanced flavors.


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Even for your most crazy ideas, there is a Frontera.
Think about what you want to do now and find here your ideal wine

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Even for your most crazy ideas, there is a Frontera.
Think about what you want to do now and find here your ideal wine

Hello season 1 out of 12 to come 😜. Have you enjoyed your first 2022 Frontera yet? Hope you have! ⁣

Estamos en la primera temporada de 12 😜, ¿ya tomaron su primer Frontera del 2022? ¿Alguien ya espera el 2023 😂? #FronteraWines #Wine #Vino

The life of the party is inside every Frontera bottle 🥳. So bring your glass and play some music because today we're celebrating just 'cos we can.⁣

El alma de la fiesta, está dentro de cada botella de Frontera 🥳. Así que traigan las copas y pongan la música que hoy celebramos por el gusto de hacerlo. #FronteraWines #Chardonnay #Music

We've got some #Tacos ready and an #AfterMidnight at the perfect temperature, now we only need some sauces. What would you pair it with? Hot sauce, guacamole, or sour cream?⁣

#Tacos listos y #AfterMidnight a temperatura perfecta, solo nos faltan las salsas. ¿Cómo prefieren acompañar? ¿Picante, guacamole o crema ácida? #FronteraWines #Instafood

Today, #ZiggyStardust would turn 75 years old. Shall we celebrate his musical legacy with a glass of #Merlot and some of his greatest hits? We think we should start with #SpaceOddity⁣

Hoy #ZiggyStardust cumpliría 75 años, ¿qué tal si celebramos todo su legado musical con una copa de #Merlot y algunas de sus mejores canciones? Propongo empezar con #SpaceOddity #FronteraWines #DavidBowie

Pairing up some wine? Easy, if you've got cold dishes, choose a #SauvignonBlanc, if you have some mature cheeses, pick a #CabernetSauvignon, and if you make a delicious pasta dish, pair it with a #Merlot. What are your favorite Frontera pairings?⁣

¿Maridar? Muy fácil, si tienes platos frescos o fríos, elige un #SauvignonBlanc, si tienes quesos maduros, prefiere un #CabernetSauvignon y si un rico plato de pasta, combina con un #Merlot. ¿Cuáles son tus maridajes favoritos con Frontera? #FronteraWines #Instafood

Cheers, food, more cheers, presents, family, and carols. We wish you nothing but love, a Frontera, and good music during this holiday season ❤️. Merry Christmas!🎅 ⁣

Brindis, comida, más brindis, regalos, familia y villancicos. Durante estas fiestas deseamos que jamás falte en tu vida amor, Frontera y buena música ❤️ . ¡Feliz Navidad! 🎅